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Mercerism and the pursuit of knowledge

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Much like the plight of Wilbur Mercer or Sisyphus, I have been faced with a challenging uphill-battle in my pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment.  Much like Wilbur Mercer, I feel like I am being pelted with stones as I struggle uphill only to have the struggle recur over and over again.  More recently, I have had to wait out a powerful financial storm that has temporarily halted my accent of the sacred mountain of knowledge.  As such, I have plotted an alternative course to better prepare me for this task.  

The pursuit is a noble one and its rewards are open to all those who seek it. This journey has truly been character building. However, I have come to realize that it is not without its sacrifices and difficulties. It is true that Personalized Medicine is gaining popularity. Even President Obama administration has a plan that hopes to modernize our use of electronic medical records and personalize medical therapies.

Personalized Medicine really does have a chance of revolutionizing the way that we practice medicine. I honored to be accompanied by others who seek the knowledge and experience to usher in this new paradigm of personalized medicine.

I am hoping that once I climb this sacred mountain that I will find the old wise man who will be able to impart wisdom and knowledge onto me.  Perhaps, I will find myself alone at the top, only to realize that the wise man that I sought is really myself.


Written by Jonathan Holt, DO

March 15, 2009 at 9:21 pm